Unique Shape Hot Dog Trailer Mobile Fast Food Cart for Sale

Do you attract buy unique shape hot dog trailers in the street? It’s a creative idea to start a business with a hot dog shape mobile trailer. That reminds poeple of your business and highlights products. Let’s view more details about this hot dog trailer.

mobile hot dog kiosk

Description of the hot dog trailer

Color: Yellow and red that matches the hot dog products

Size: 230*80*90cm, we can customize the size according to special requirements.

Materials: 304# stainless steel, fiberglass, and wheels.

This hot dog trailer has the equipment to make hot dogs and food. water sink, 2 toppings bars set on the top for better usage. There is an umbrella set at the top to provide shelter to merchants and customers.

hot dog trailer

What the hot dog kiosk included

  1. Wheels: Single-axle tires: 2×13C (2 sets)
  2. Tow bar: Tractor tow bar with safety ball-headed coupling
  3. Chassis: Fiberglass with stainless steel trim. High visibility, ultra-bright tail light signal system
  4. Cart body: High-quality stainless steel, top dry storage display area plus additional under-counter dry storage
  5. Umbrella: 6-1/2 foot high wind umbrella.

fast food trailer

Where can you use the hot dog trailer?

This hot dog trailer is good to use in the street, near the park, outside the mall, and even the food court. You can start a business wherever there is a lot of traffic. Besides, you can use it to sell fast food, snacks, grills, etc.

mobile food trailerfast food booth

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