Unique Street Coffee Stand With Special Coffee-cup Style

Due to coffee market is very big, more retailers needs to make their booths more competitive than others. Everyone want to be the best. Therefore, there are many unique and special style retail booths. One of popular style is the coffee cup style. Next, let’s take a look one coffee cup style street coffee stand.

Street coffee stand description

The coffee cup shape model stand is very attractive and beautiful. Its top design is the shape of the coffee cup lid with some layers. At the roof, the sign is very clear and simple, and it is luminous. It can lead people to your booth at night. The sign can also show your business to the people. The unique shape and clear signage can attract people’s attentions at once when they pass-by. Around the lid, it is the warm yellow lighting strip. The lighting can make this part bright well. The other part of the food kiosk is the coffee cup body and it is white. The middle area designs the sales window and it is sliding door type. The window surrounding has the colorful lighting decoration. It is so shining and attractive. The lighting can enhance the atmosphere.

Street coffee stand

On the snack drinks stand left side, there are some colorful stickers decoration. And its right side has different poster to show the attractive delicious coffee drinks and some promotion slogans. What’s more, we design one small dining bar under the window which extends to two sides for customers. And you could place two stools at beside, then consumers can sit them. On the street coffee stand bottom, there is still one coffee sign sticker on it. All decorations make the coffee stand more special with its own features. The security door is at the back side.

outdoor coffee kiosk


The food stall diameter is 2m and height 2.4m. Normally, for whole one kiosk, the width is no more than 2.2m. It is because we need to think about the shipping container size and the kiosk structure. If you need bigger kiosks, they need to be made into dismountable parts.

street coffee kiosk


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