Unique Street Snacks Booth Delicate Dessert Food Kiosk

Street businesses have been very popular since ancient times. With the high quality life development, the booth becomes more and more attractive and unique than the simple stands. People can customize the booths with their ideas, requirements and designers’ imaginations. You must love the snacks booth which we introduce you today. If you plan to do retail street business, don’t hesitate to find us. We will provide you one unique booth.

Snacks booth description

The snacks booth is mainly for selling the cakes and desserts. And the booth style purses the nature, health and green. So on the design, we adopt the decoration elements which close the concepts. Look at the snacks booth top, we use many green plants with two colors as decoration. And the corner has the white logo letters with backboard different colors. The logo and the plants edges all can be luminous at night, which is shining. In addition, the snack kiosk counter part surface is with wooden board decoration. The bar counter bottom edges are with LED light strips, the lighting increase atmosphere to the booth. Each side has 3 white square light boxes which show different desserts pictures, which is so attractive.

Snacks booth

Sales window

The sales windows designs are also awesome. The snack concession stand has two sales windows. One window is for order and another one is for pay. Their tops have protruding special light boxes to show menu and fruit poster at each side. What’s more, On window walls, all has two round light boxes to show different posters too. The window pillar also has the sticker decoration. All are very beautiful and make the booth unique.

food kiosk

Wall decoration

The kiosk two walls also can be taken good use. At one third part, we use wooden board to decoration, and the rest part, we use your beautiful sticker to enhance the booth style and concepts. Of course, if you want to make promotion, you can send us relevant posters. We make every places of the kiosk useful, reasonable and beautiful.

Snacks kiosk

Color use

In fact, the kiosk also use many colors elements, which shows on the signs, light boxes and stickers. They are applied on the kiosk very suitably and delicate, which look not messy and don’t take up the kiosk main style element.

Interior decoration

Everything inside the food booth. We set the working benches for you to make foods. Then you can put the machines such as freezers on the counter. And put other machines in the other areas. Besides, the wall spaces are with the display shelves. The shelves can help you hold something. Further more, we set relevant lamp in the ceiling and floor can be wooden type, PVC or tile. The interior decoration is delicate like a the catering restaurant.

snacks stall

We are here to help you make 3D designs and production of the kiosks for you. Please feel free to talk with us and we will offer help.

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