USA Popular Coffee Cart Shopping Mall Cafe Stand for Sale

The mobile coffee cart is very popular in the USA, especially for those who start their first business. Because it needs a small amount to open and is easy to run to earn money. The coffee cart is good to use in the shopping mall, streets, and even outside malls. Here is a nice coffee cart to share with you.

Description of the coffee cart

This coffee cart size is 3m by 0.5m, if you have a fixed location in the mall, we can make it the same size as you require. The main tone is dark brown color. It’s high-level the shop theme and can make your coffee stand out. Main include MDF with glossy and smooth baking paint finishes. Other materials such as 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel kicking, metal frame support the roof, acrylic logo, light, etc.

coffee stand

Sales Counter

We can see the coffee kiosk design, it has a coffee machine, a water sink, and a casier counter on the countertop. They are arranged in order for ease of use to serve more guests. It has a movable glass plate in the front of the machine and a water sink. So the machines won’t fall down, water won’t splash, and the most important is clients will keep away from the equipment.

cafe kiosk stand

Storage cabinet

Storage cabinets are set behind the merchant’s working area. It has a swing door with locks, so poeple can restore coffee beans, and milk, and other items. You can also choose the slide cabinet door if needed.

mobile coffee shop

Roof with brand logo

Brand names and signs are important for a coffee shop. With the roof at the top with your brand logo on both sides, clients can see you from distance. It looks like a V from a side view. No matter how unique coffee carts you want, contact us soon to get a good solution.

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