White multi-purpose ice cream Yogurt kiosk Pancake crepes stand Food kiosk for sale

There is a striking white multi-purpose ice cream stand in the mall. The pure white design is more attractive under the light.

White Purity kiosk

The overall appearance of the kiosk is dominated by a pure white color. Behind and to the left of it stand two meters high walls. It provides some shelter and support for the kiosk. On the back wall, four elaborately designed paintings of light boxes hang. These four paintings add to the artistic atmosphere of this small space. The square transparent visible glass on the left adds a sense of transparency to the interior of the kiosk. Through the glass, you can clearly see several ice cream making equipment placed on the left cabinet. The devices are neatly arranged, their stainless steel shells gleaming.

Ice cream station Details

In the corner, a pure white oxygen tank stood still. Although it may seem insignificant, it is an integral part of the normal operation of the entire kiosk. It provides the necessary support for the operation of some equipment and guarantees the smooth operation of the ice cream kiosk. Against the back wall, four regular stainless steel sinks are lined up. The design of the sink is simple and practical, and the material of stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain hygiene. They provide convenience for the staff. Make sure to keep your hands clean at all times during food preparation.

Food kiosk layout

The three white cabinets next to the sink are also neatly place against the wall. The surface of the cabinet is smooth and flat, and it can be placed on juice or other machinery and equipment. These cabinets don’t just provide storage space. It also makes the layout of the entire kiosk more reasonable and orderly. The refrigerated refrigerator next to the cabinet provides a guarantee for food storage in the pancake kiosk. It ensures that ice cream ingredients and other ingredients that need to be refrigerate are always fresh and of good quality. The surface of the refrigerator is as white and flawless as the cabinet, which blends into the style of the entire kiosk.

More details on kiosks

To the right in front of the kiosk, two pancake facilities are arrange in perfect order. Their appearance is simple and elegant, and the operation panel is clear and easy to understand. When busy, the staff can skillfully operate these devices to make delicious pancakes for customers. On the left is the counter. The surface of the counter is smooth and clean. On top can be prepare ice cream and cash register equipment. The ice cream topping table in the middle is one of the core areas of the entire kiosk. A variety of colorful ingredients are neatly arrange in the ingredients box, including chocolate sauce, fruit granules, crushed nuts and more. These ingredients look especially attractive under the light, and you can’t help but want to try them.

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Most strikingly, the bottom of the kiosk glows with a pale red light. It adds a romantic and mysterious charm to the original pure and white pavilion. It makes ice cream kiosks more visible and attracts more customers. A few green, brown and pink bubbles near the logo. It adds a liveliness and agility to the pure white walls. This white multi-purpose ice cream station. Every detail of it has been carefully designed and considered. Designed to provide customers with delicious food. This kiosk is characteriz by its unique charm and intimate service. Become a beautiful landscape of the shopping mall. Are you looking for such a kiosk? No matter what kind of kiosk you are looking for, come to us! We can customize any food kiosk you want.

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