White Outdoor Bakery Booth Retail Breads Food Stall

Bakery fast food can be the desserts or main food for people. Most people also like to take them as the breakfast. Breakfast is necessary for people in order to keep health. So there are many breakfast booths at the street. No matter people go to work or school, they can buy the bakery food for breakfast or desserts sometimes. The outdoor bakery booth can support you sell breakfast food.

Outdoor bakery booth description

Today, I introduce you one elegant bakery stall. It is size is 4m*2.2m. First, we can see the bakery booth whole color is white, which looks so pure and delicate. Besides, its structure meets the North European style, because of its color and its lines. The top part and bottom are with the same lines which are unified. Its 4 sides are open when you work. You can feel very cool because all side is ventilated. At this part, it has the roller shutter doors. This kind shutter doors are solid and durable to keep the outdoor bakery booth safe. When you put them up, they can offer you a full vision. At the sales front side, it has the white sunshade to offer the shade for customers and your area. It is considerate for consumers and the food kiosk. The two menus are at the back side, but people can see it at front side.

outdoor bakery booth

Besides, the logo is on the counter. It is white too if you want to highlight the logo, you can make logo with some colors. And look at the bakery food stall, its countertop is imitation marble type, which makes whole bakery booth more high-end. In addition, you can display the bakery breads, cakes, juices, beverage and other fast foods on the kiosk countertop. Then people can your foods around the kiosk and desire to buy them. You can place the machines on the counter too and other stuffs in the cabinets for storage.

outdoor bakery booth 2


The materials for outdoor kiosks are very high quality. And it must have weather-proof feature. In this way, it can be durable. For such one outdoor bakery booth, the metal is for the main structure. And other filling part is the plywood with aluminum composite panel. The imitation marble material is for the countertop.

outdoor bakery booth 3

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