White Outdoor Retail Stand Versatile Street Retail Kiosk

We can see many retail booths at outdoor street. Some of retailers sell foods at the food kiosk, and some sell other stuffs, such as toys, cellphone accessories, hats, sunglasses. If you have one retail booth, you can make your own business. No matter what products you will sell, we can customize one suitable display stand for you. And you can display your products well. Today, I show you one versatile outdoor retail stand.

Outdoor retail stand color

Here is one retail stand which is placed at outdoor and it can match all kinds of retail products. The outdoor retail stand is white only one color. We can make other colors or colors combination if you have the request.

Roof structure

The retail stand roof structure is arch shape. This structure design is good for draining the rains. And the support rods which is fixed at the arch roof corners hang the canopies stably when you open. The canopies are very useful to block the sunshine. When the windows are opened, you can show products from 3 open sides.

Outdoor retail stand


2 sides have the glass display counters with 2 layers. And another side has the counter for you. You can put cashier register and you can store things in the counter. The door is at opposite end. The whole structure is very simple. Besides, 4 pillars are metal to hold the roof.


The outdoor retail kiosk is like the house structure. The roof and floor is necessary part for the booth. The floor material can be wooden, PVC or tile. Then the products won’t be affected by the changeable weather. For the kiosk, the wooden floor is very popular. You can choose the style you like according to your budget.

Outdoor retail kiosk

Roller shutter door

We apply the roller shutter door for the outdoor booth. This kind door is more durable and strong to keep your products security. And you can operate it easily when you work of off work. You can need to push it up or pull it down. The top leaves enough space for the shutter door reel. At the booth t two sides, we install the rail.


The electricity is also one important part. We install the wires for the display showcases if they are with LED light strips. And some wires are for the kiosk. The lamp is at roof place too. You can connect your local place electricity.

Outdoor retail stallWelcome to contact us about more 3D design and production details.

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  • Hi I am interested in this kiosk for fruits and vegetables with solar lighting, and a place to charge phones and retractable cereals and vegetable storage for a large scale project in east africa

  • Can I get a base price to pour chase one of these?


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