White Street Coffee Trailer Custom Cafe Bar Snack Cart

Coffee has so many benefits people may not even know about, but people can achieve these health benefits by drinking 2 cups of coffee a day, boosting your mood and feeling refreshed. Every kind drinks booth can sell coffee. As long as you have good coffee beans or ground coffee material, coffee machine, you can plan the business. But to run the coffee business, the most important is to own the shop or booth. And retail street coffee trailer becomes more popular tool for them than store.

Street coffee trailer description

Here we can see two retailers can be in the coffee trailer to work together. They look so happy and the street coffee trailer is so wonderful and functional. Look at the cart body first, it is white and the attractive food pattern at the cart middle. And the logo is at the window bottom. We can see the coffee trailer layout clearly from the sales window. The retailers put some coffee machines, coffee cups, some beverages on the front counter. At their back side, there is working counter including water sink. And they can use machine at back counter too. One display shelf is on the wall for holding many coffee cups and tools or accessories too. It is more easier and convenient for their works and improve working efficiency. People can buy coffee from this food trailer.

street coffee trailer

The normal standard configuration of the food truck front side is that ventilation window, power supply, tow bar etc.. The tow bar is one important accessory for you to pull the mobile street coffee trailer. In addition, the wheels are at the chassis middle. The tire is very high quality and not easy to be broken.

street coffee trailer 2

The back side also has the basic standard configuration. There is the arch shape door at the middle area and standard tail lights are at the two sides. Open the door, you can see the straight middle channel. It is the space for you to stand and work.

coffee truck

Different color

Colors can be customized, no matter you want white, black, green, red, blue etc..

food trailer


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