Whole assembled outdoor ice cream kiosk street yogurt booth for sale

Food kiosks have become the choice of more and more people. There are many places to choose from outdoors, and the rent is low and the flow of people is very large. Opening an outdoor kiosk is a good choice. Ice cream and desserts are very popular foods in summer. If you don’t know what food to sell, you can choose to open an outdoor ice cream kiosk.

outdoor ice cream booth

Today I want to share a very beautiful ice cream outdoor kiosk. This outdoor pavilion uses light pink and light blue, and the overall look is very nice. The front side is mainly sale counter. The left side of the counter is a glass showcase with spot lights install inside, it mainly used to display some dessert and snacks. The back side is used to put machines, there have storage cabinets installed on the back wall. The light box menus hang from top ceiling. The left side and right side has flap window. The front side has shutter door, you can close whole sale area at night. There have big 3D metal letters at back side, also have some cloud look light boxes added at back wall, which looks very fantastic.

street food stall

Detailed info about this outdoor ice cream kiosk

Size: 5m by 2.2m

Color: light pink and light blue

Materials used: steel with pink paint, blue and white Aluminum composite panel

Countertop: used white corian stone

Items included in this kiosk: 3d stainless steel logo letters, stainless steel light boxes, light box menus, work counters, cabinets, lights

Doors: swing doors, shutter doors, flap windows

Production time: 30-35 work days after order confirmed

food concession stall

Myfoodkiosk is a leading company in making customized food kiosks, we can make both outdoor and indoor kiosks. Our outdoor kiosks include outdoor food kiosks, outdoor retail kiosks, food carts, food trailers and food concession stand. We do customize, can help you create design and create your outdoor ice cream kiosk. If you also want to start an outdoor food booth and need any help, just feel free to let me know.

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