Wholesale Mobile Coffees Trailer Custom Coffee Truck

Coffee has a rich flavor and taste. Most booths can offer coffees to people. For the retailers, who doesn’t want a convenient mobile coffees trailer? It is exactly that everyone wants it. But it is necessary to customize one coffee trailer by us for yourself. In this way, you can get you want and meed your basic needs of the food making.

Mobile coffees trailer description

The mobile coffees trailer is a little big. It is convenient for you to make many snacks and different kinds of coffees. The coffee trailer main color is burgundy. Such color looks very fine. A big 3D luminous sign is at the coffee snack trailer roof. What’s more, the big canopy is also at the roof for offering the shades for the sales areas. There is the handle for you to adjust the canopy area according the sunlight or rains direction. Around the coffee truck edges, there sets the LED light strips. And it can luminous at night too. It brights the feeling of the atmosphere.

Mobile coffees trailer

Two small sales windows has delicate canopies with sliding doors too. You can sell coffees from these windows. The sales windows also can be customized more bigger for you. It will depend on your needs. The sales window can become single bigger one too.

The traction tow bar we made for the coffee food trailer is very big and strong. It not only can hold the generator and air conditioner device together. It can bear very heavy stuffs. Besides, you can see that guide wheel and durable connect chains at the tow bar head. What’s more, a small ventilation window is in the mobile coffees truck middle.

coffee trailer

The rear of the street catering trailer has door and tailing lights devices. About the tailing lights, no matter what shape or what colors in your country standard, all we can make. This is the basic configuration. If you want to put some decorations on the trailer areas, it is very feasible.

food trailer

What’s more, the chassis bottom is very important. We make it very strong to combine with the cart body. The middle part has the double axles wheels. It is for flexible moving. And the brackets are for supporting the cart body together.

coffee truck

Interior design

The inside wall is with a good treatment, which is very glossy. It looks like a very delicate kitchen. Besides, two sides have the stainless steel working benches with many storage shelves. It contains the water sinks and you can put some big machine under the countertop. The wires also have a good cable box to cover. It is safe. And you can plug the machines in the sockets to get electricity.


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