Wholesale Retail Snack Truck Mobile Small Food Trailer

People can’t have no food. With the economic develops better and better, all people can have a good life on basic food and clothes.Then people can pursue to eat many different delicious fast foods.Where can you find many foods? That is the busy streets. At the street, there are many retail snack truck. If you have a plan on retail food business, you can choose a food truck. It is because the business way is very flexible.

Retail snack truck description

The snack truck color is turquoise, which can offer people a comfortable vision impact. The turquoise color can let people feel it is natural and health. No matter what colors you like, we can make your favorite colors on the snack truck. The retail snack truck has the sliding windows and you can open the windows casually. Besides, the retail snack truck still has the sunshade. When you work, you can open the sunshade for shade. When you don’t work, you can close it. In this way, there are double window protections of the retail snack trailer.

retail snack truck


The tow bar is with brake, turning and reverse device together. We can see the guide wheel and chain on the tow bar. When you pull the retail snack van, the tow bar is very durable and high quality. It can hold many things, such as air conditioner, bucket. The front side also has the small window and the external power supply.

small food trailer

The wheels are double axles for the big food trailer body. You can move the food cart to any places by car. And 4 lifting jacks are necessary for the food trailer. It can offer big stability power when it is parked. The jacks can retract and extend conveniently. The door is with a window too and at the snack truck back side. There is a little eave at door top for rains. And at the bottom, we install the turn lights device.

snack trailer


Body size: L3000*W2000*H2300 mm

Size with trailer: L4300*W2000*H2300 mm

Weight: 700kg

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