Wholesale Simple Street Coffee Bar Wonderful Coffee Stall

People like to enjoy the free time with coffee together in a small shop or retail booth. They can have a occasion to relax with themselves or friends, or work. According to the market searching, 95% people like to drink coffee in the world. It is a good business opportunity for you. Today, we introduce one street coffee bar to you. You can put it outside the mall or at the outdoor any places.

Street coffee bar style

This one coffee bar structure is like a house with a triangle roof. It looks clean and simple, but also unique. The coffee bar is suitable for indoor but more suitable for outdoor. It is because it is open type. Put it at outdoor can be more popular. People who is at the street can buy the coffee conveniently or they can stay at the booth for rest comfortable. The open type street coffee bar can bring cool winds and let people feel comfortable. Due to the triangle roof design, even when raining, the inside part won’t get too much affection and wet.

outdoor coffee bar

Coffee bar structure

There is a signage at the roof of the food stall. The signage frame is with metal grid type and the bar brand name shows on the grid board. The logo design is wonderful and highlight by two colors. The name is green and coffee letter is black. Different colors can improve people’s impression and remember easily. One side wall has a creative design. Its two half is different. One half is metal frame with relevant patterns and it is empty. Another half is solid board.

outdoor coffee stall

Inside the street coffee bar, there are two counters. And the owner can put different colorful chairs around the counters. In this way, people can drink coffee at your bar. It is a good relaxing place for the consumers. It still has the short counter and display shelves for you to put the coffee machine and coffee beans, fruits and some fast foods. Besides, the creative menu is on the wall then people can order your coffee and other foods. If you are off working, you can put everything into the counter cabinets for security. The LED lights are in the outdoor food kiosk to add the atmosphere when moon rise. In addition, we also can customize the floor well, such as beautiful patterns, materials etc..

outdoor coffee kiosk


Size: 4*2m

Material: Metal, plywood and aluminum composite panel, artificial stone

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