Wooden and Red Food Concession Stand Outdoor Booth Design for Sale

The food concession stand is seen everywhere in the street, it is convenient for us to buy food and drinks. Besides, different types of food stalls are set closely, consumers can buy many kinds of food at the same time. Before you open a food concession stand, choose a kiosk that fits your business, you can even customize the fast-food kiosk according to your needs. Today, I want to share a nice outdoor food kiosk with you.

food concenssion stand

Description of the outdoor food kiosk

The main color of the food concession stand is wooden color with a red roof and black frame. Red attracts the eye’s attention, is good to enhance your brand theme, and makes people notice your shop for the first time. Materials include Plywood, preservative wood, and iron tube frame support. That is durable to use and can bear changeable weather outside. White artificial stones usually make the countertop of food kiosks. It meets the standards of the food safety department.

outdoor fast food booth

Layout information

The front side has display counters with a glass showcase on the top, that is good to show-ready food like bread, donuts, etc. While we can see there are open cabinets under the counter, that is good to reach items to improve work efficiency. The double countertop is prepared for barrier-free access. More food kiosk design

food store interior design

The cashier counter is set on the left side along with the menu and advertising posters. Beverage freezer and working counter set at the back wall. People work here and clients can’t get close to the equipment. Lighting and sales window are also very important, you can even add wood bar decoration to make the food stand to look better.


It is mainly used outdoors, good to sell crepes, waffles, bubble tea, snacks, and special local food. You can also add new ideas to make the food concession stand attractive.

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