Wooden Bubble Tea Kiosk Outdoor Boba Booth for Sale

Are you looking for a bubble tea kiosk to use outside? Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea kiosk sharing with you. It’s made up of a wooden surface, metal tube frame support, and aluminum composite panel decoration. It’s good to sell coffee, bubble tea, ice cream, smoothie, etc. Let’s view more details together.

outdoor bubble tea counter

Description of bubble tea kiosk

This outdoor bubble tea kiosk is size 10ft by 10ft. Fit most locations for business. From the outside, we can see the kiosk has a sales window, a luminous brand logo, posters, and a menu. The main color is wooden and black, creating a fresh and natural feeling. It also expresses your shop theme to the clients to help you gain more clients. The surrounding eves at 4 sides can provide customers with shadow. And you can also advertise the history of your products and company culture on the back wall to let people remember you well.

outdoor bubble tea booth

Inside counter layout

There is a cashier counter set near the sales window, people can order here. You can separate the pick-up area from the POS system to increase work efficiency, it can also avoid a long line, so you can serve more people at a time. Equipment like milk tea barrel, blender, and cup holder set on the countertop for better usage. At the same time, the refrigerator is set under the counter to save space. We can also add lock cabinets here to restore food. The water sink is also set on the backside to keep the working counter clean. However, don’t forget to place them in a suitable location. You can make a 3D design first so that you can decide on a good design solution easily. View more outdoor kiosks here

Bubble tea kiosk

How to produce the bubble tea kiosk?

For a customized kiosk, we should know your idea and requirements first. Such as location size, your products, shop theme, kiosk decoration, etc. Only in this way can we make the outdoor booth fit your business well. Then our designer will make a 3D design, so you can see what the kiosk looks like with everything you need. Production is based on the confirmed design photos. In this case, you can get what you want.

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