Wooden Crepe Cart Outdoor Food Concession Stall to Sweeden

Crepe and waffles are popular street food among poeple. Most people begin with a mobile food cart because they can move to different locations. Today, I’d like to share a nice crepe kiosk sharing with you. This crepe cart design is for one of our customers from Sweeden. It’s good to use in the street as a food concession stand. Let’s view more details together.

food concenssion cart

Description of crepe cart

This crepe cart mainly uses plywood to build the counter body, and the surface is laminated in wooden color. We can put waffle equipment, coffee machine, crepe machine, and cups on the countertop for usage. There is a Black stone top with an additional folding plate to increase the working area. While the bottom of the counter has lock cabinets with shelving to store more goods.

modern food cart

Black metal tube at 4 corners to support the carved wooden ceiling. Menus and posters hang here to attract poeple. Besides, your business logo can also attach here to remind poeple of your business. Besides, we can see the front counter has 3 spots of light at the bottom to highlight the crepe cart outside.

food booth design

Products parameter:

Size: 1.8m long, 0.5m wide, and 2m tall. It can be customized according to the cabinets.

Color: Wooden color and black color

Produce time: 18-20 workdays after confirming an order

Design time: 3-5 work days to create design models and render clear photos.

For a customized food cart, everything is special according to the special ideas. No matter how unique a crepe cart you want, you can find them from MyFoodKiosk. The designer team will create the 3D design to show your food cart effect.

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