Wooden Outdoor Cafe Bar Modern Street Coffee Kiosk For Sale

More and more people can’t leave the coffee, they need to drink it 2-3 times every day. Most countries have the coffee culture and drinking habit.You don’t need to worry about the outdoor coffee market, there are a big consumers group. Do you plan to start the outdoor retailer business to sell the coffee? Our factory can customize it for you and let’s view one outdoor cafe bar together.

Outdoor cafe bar exterior part

This one outdoor cafe bar is very popular for the retailers, because its style is modern and good-looking. Its color is wooden color and black. Main surface adopts fire-proof panel and the surface material shows on outdoor exterior and interior. The colors type is optional. We can see that a big sign is at the cafe bar top left side and its beside is the logo name to let people know the kiosk service.The logo is simple and clear and it is luminous.In addition, every top side has the logo too. Then people can know your cafe booth wherever they are from. And a round pattern sign is on the counter too. It is on black backboard. 3 spotlights is at the sign top and make people notice it easily.

outdoor cafe bar

The outdoor cafe bar two sides are with the roller shutter doors. The doors are iron and it is very safe and durable for the coffee kiosk. The door also will not affect your visions when you push it up. From the view, we can see the entrance door is at cafe bar right side. If you don’t work at the booth, you can lock it.

Outdoor cafe bar layout

We can see the outdoor cafe bar layout directly from the front view. The wall design is creative. It has two different size display shelves on wall two sides and their height is not on the same level. It can display your decorations and some coffee beans packaging or others. Besides, it has two light boxes are at the wall between two shelves. And they are with layering feeling.In addition, there are several spotlights at the food booth top and it can offer you enough lights and atmosphere. The left side has the small freezer and front side is working counter.

outdoor cafe bar layout

Different size effect

This is more bigger outdoor cafe bar. The style is the same. But more bigger kiosk and the its layout is different. We will adjust the suitable one for you.

outdoor cafe bar effect

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