Wooden Outdoor Coffee Stall Street Cafe Bar Design

With the good development of people’s life, to do business is more easy project for them. More and more people want to operate the retail business. Outdoor is a good location on saving costs and having most potential consumers. If you do one research, you will find coffee is the most popular drink. To do coffee business, you need one booth first. Next, let’s learn about the one outdoor coffee stall details together.

Outdoor coffee stall introduction

The following outdoor coffee stall structure is so creative, which is inverted ladder body. It is not normal rectangle shape, so it looks unique. What’s more, the surface 4 sides have the solid wood decoration. It looks very natural with the wooden texture. And the wooden decoration is with third dimension feeling. It is like one wooden house. The roof of the food kiosk is flat and its surface and the inside structure are black. About the solid wood decoration, there are many types for choices. The sales areas and left side window part all have the roller shutter doors for security when not working. You can close the whole kiosk well. The safe door is at the coffee kiosk back side.

outdoor coffee stall

outdoor coffee bar

Interior design

We design a good interior layout for the coffee stall. We set the working counters for you. So you can put the freezers to display donuts, breads, cakes etc. People can choose the snacks from the coffee snack booth well. And you can also put the coffee machines, juices blenders on the counters. Besides, on the wall, we set many shelves to take good use of the wall space. Then you can put something for decoration or convenient work. On the pillar, it is suitable to put one sign to show the brand.

street coffee kiosk

More specification

Dimension: 4*2.2m

Material: Plywood, aluminum grooved plates and solid wood etc..

Customization: Size, color, style, structure, shape, layout etc..

Production: Strict high quality control

Shipping: Sea way

Delivery time: 2-3 months

food kiosk

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