Wooden Snack Stands Outdoor Food Kiosk with Logo for Sale

Everyone likes eat snacks in their spare time. It’s a profitable idea to open a snack kiosk outdoors. You can start a business in the street, park, bus station, or even outside malls. No matter what kind of outdoor food kiosk you need, we can help you customize it. Because every food concession stand is based on special requirements.

food cabinet

Introduction of outdoor snack stands

As we can see in the design, the outdoor snack stands mainly use wood panels to make the snack kiosk. We can remain the original wooden color to highlight the snack and food. You can also modify the color to make it darker or lighter. Regarding outdoor usage, we should consider using durable and stable materials to build the outdoor kiosk.

food concession stand

Details information

This outdoor kiosk size is 3m by 2m, we can see the counters, columns, and cabinets are wooden in color. We insert a metal frame inside as support so that it can be anti-sunshine and anti-windy. It has a strong load-bearing capacity. The cabinets are facing the public so that clients can purchase items easily. The middle area has a metal business logo with light. We can also attach the business logo on the column, and at the top to attract poeple.

fast food kiosk

Besides, there are counters surrounding the snack kiosk. While the back side has display shelving with grids. You can put green grass and wooden to decorate the kiosk. It’s a good idea to show more items here for sale.

We should also take safety into consideration. Adding a roller shutter door on 4 sides is a good idea. So that you can close it at night. It can also protect the items and goods well. If you need equipment to prepare food and water sink, we should also leave space for them. No matter when you need an outdoor kiosk, contact us now and get more ideas.

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