Wooden Street Cafe Bar Retail Coffee Booth Snack Kiosk

A street cafe bar provides a relaxed and social atmosphere for customers to enjoy food, drinks, and conversation. It adds vibrancy to a street or neighborhood, creating a sense of community and helping to activate public spaces. It can be a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, providing an opportunity to people-watch and enjoy the surrounding environment. Overall, a street cafe bar adds to the charm and character of a city.

Street cafe bar description

The street cafe bar has an unmistakable natural style that is evident from its black and thick roof. The roof is to provide ample shade to the customers sitting in the outdoor seating area. At the roof’s left corner, there is a red luminous logo that catches the eye and indicates the café’s name.

The sales window is the focal point of the café, and it is in the middle of the bar. Under the eave, there are wooden type menus and wooden covers in one line. It adds  to the rustic charm of the coffee snack stand. In addition, two-thirds of the sales window is for serving customers, and the rest part is creative, displaying a shelf with many layers for products or decorations.

street cafe bar

The shelf’s top and bottom serve as storage counters, which can hold various items, including utensils, crockery, and other essential supplies. And the wooden sales window counter’s top is also wooden, and its surface is tile. The countertop has a cashier register and a green plant that adds to the café’s natural element. What’s more, the snack’s booth’s right side has a wooden door and window frame that opens to the kitchen and storage area. While the left side has big daylight windows that allow natural light to flood the café.

Interior part

The walls of the café have tile decorations that add to the overall aesthetic of the café. Besides, the coffee drinks kiosk has wooden cabinets and shelves on the walls to store essential items. The counters are designed with a sink and can hold coffee machines and other appliances. The storage space includes a refrigerator, which keeps the beverages and food items fresh.

The café has lamps installed on the ceiling, which act as a source of light and decoration. The café’s size and style can be customized according to the customer’s needs. And our team is skilled and capable of producing high-quality booths. The café offers professional service, and the customers are served well.

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