Wooden Street Drinks Stand Modern Outdoor Juices Kiosk

If you want to do the iced drinks business, you must need to do the marker surveys. And you will find the most popular drinks types. Besides, you also will know your cost on kiosk and shop. If your cost is not enough, one street drinks stand is your better choice. And we can customize any kind style you like of it. Here is one very nice stand to you for reference. Let’s take a look.

Street drinks stand description

The whole one street drinks stand is natural wooden type. We can see the wooden surface decoration directly. We can see the facade first, the drinks stand edges still have some black frame to decorate them. And around the facade frame, there is the LED light strip decoration too. The lighting can add luster to it. In addition, the kiosk designs the big sunshade to cover some areas to prevent the strong sunlight and heavy rains. When people come to the selling window, it is cool for them. And several lamps are at the sunshade. The lamps are also decorations for the food kiosk. About the window, we can also see it has black edges. The window bottom counter part has the special pattern decoration. It makes the the drink kiosk more colorful.

Street drinks stand

From this perspective, we can know that the window can be closed by one wooden window door. It can make your kiosk security. In front of the selling window, the owner put stickers on floor to let people to wait in relevant distance. The snack stall left side also has the same special pattern decoration in the middle part. And the top has one signage for you to put your shop name. The green plants are at the drinks food kiosk two sides.

outdoor food kiosk

Look at the right side of the street drinks stand. The door is decorated by the same patterns too. And its beside has one light box to show the menu of the drinks, such as coffees, bubble teas and juices. The door head top also can show your logo.

outdoor food stall

Interior layout

From the sales window, we can see the wall decoration have two drinks poster light boxes. And one menu is between two light boxes.The interior part has the counters to hold some drinks machines.

Consumers area

Near the kiosk, you can put some dining tables and stools for consumers. Then they can spent their drinks with slow time at your food booth. It is a good consumers atmosphere to attract the passers-by.

food kiosk

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