Wooden Street Food Kiosk Outdoor Nuts Kiosk to New Zealand

With the fast development of the food industry, more and more people open food stalls in the street and food courts. No matter what kind of food you are selling, this outdoor food booth can help you well. It’s designed for a client from New Zealand to sell nuts. You can also use it to sell fast food, beverage, ice cream, crepe, and so on.

fast food kiosk

Description of outdoor nuts kiosk

It’s 3m by 2m, the service counter, machines, water sink, and display shelving set inside fit this location size. The materials include a metal roof, frame, plywood body, aluminum composite panel decoration, stone countertop, and sales window. We can customize the outdoor fast-food kiosk with the same color as the owner requires.

fast food stall

Details information

We can see there is a folding sales window on 3 sides, that allows people to view your business well. The front counter has a cashier register in the middle to check bills. And there is a rail to avoid items falling down. The kiosk body has a light box painting to show business and menu. While we can see the side has glass display cases with LED light. And the top has display shelving hanging here to place items. More fast food kiosk designs

outdoor kiosk stand

The back side wall has a menu inside, which helps people to choose their favorite nuts. While the outer wall has round light box paintings on different levels. That is a good idea to express your brand culture and theme to poeple

outdoor food kiosk booth

Inside counters have lock cabinets with selling to place items and for work. Nuts equipment along with glass bottle set at the back wall. Water sink put in the corner for better usage, we can also insert a display plate on the wall to reach something easily. If you have any new ideas, please contact us soon. I am sure you will get the perfect outdoor food booth here.

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