Wooden Strip Decoration Coffee Kiosk Design

A coffee bar shop is one of the most popular business ideas. We can find it everywhere in the street. You can sell coffee, burgers, and beverage to gain more profit. Today, I want to share a nice coffee shop with you.

outdoor coffee kiosk design

Description of an outdoor coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk includes a sales area and a waiting area. There is shelter between them, poeple can hold on their steps when in rainy day. It’s a good option to hand a white business name with black background on the top roof so that clients can see you from far away.

coffee booth design

The main tone of the bakery kiosk is a wooden bar surface brown color. Regarding the outside terrible weather condition, we recommend using preservative wood with metal and plywood base. Size is 20f long in total with flooring, roof, sales window, lock door, and service counter. People can also see your brand name on the kiosk wall, black lines consisting of a large coffee cup, vividly highlighting your products and shop theme.

coffee cabinet

Layout information

The entrance door is set on one side, and the seller enters the coffee kiosk from here. Inside has service counters with cabinets, equipment for making coffee and preparing food, lighting decoration, water sink, etc. You can place everything in a suitable location so that it can help your business. View more coffee kiosk designs here.

modern coffee cabinet

Another side has columns to support the big roof, it has a long bench in wooden color. Highly matches the shop theme. We can also put up posters in a suitable area to remind poeple of recommending beverages. However, it’s a nice idea to add a daily menu to guide people to order. If you plan to open a nice coffee kiosk, just contact us immediately.

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