Wooden style Small Food Trailer Creative Snack Truck

As we all know, most food trailers are made of the galvanization material and stainless steel material. But in fact, the shipping container metal material also is suitable and its texture is different from the galvanization. Today, we will share one small food trailer. It is more attractive because it is rare custom type. People always to see something is unique and creative.

Small food trailer description

The small food trailer main color is white but its one selling window part is wooden color. It is really a natural and wonderful combination. The sales window has two poster to show the logo at window two sides. The machines and ingredients are on the counter and people can see the progress of making food from the window. There is one extended wooden dining table at the window. It is convenient for you to put the foods on it, then people can take the foods away. The roof has a little eave for keeping the sunshine and rain out. In addition, the single axle wheels support the small food trailer. There are mud-proof shells design at the wheels top. The door is at the food truck rear, and the door has a long handle and booth logo outside.

small food trailer

Another side also has a big sales window. People can buy foods from two sales windows. And you can close the big sunshade when you are off working. The wooden style snack trailer cart body is with some shipping container grain, which makes the cart has some shapes. And this side also has two logos.

small food truck

The metal tow bar is different from common triangle one. The metal material is very durable. It is “Y” shape with a brake system. When you move the food trailer, you can adjust it. From this perspective, we can see inside has the shelf for owner to put food materials. The interior is very bright because of the lamps.

food trailer

Different decoration

The sales window area of the catering trailer can be customized into another wooden style. We see that the wall is with bamboo forest style. And there is one bamboo bar at top to hang the lamps decoration. What’s more, the window is trapezoid and one edge is wave shape. The logos also are at the sales window two sides.

food cart


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