Yellow Big Snow Cone Truck Street Smoothie Snack Van

Snow cone is also one popular snack by young people and it is similar with the soft ice cream and smoothie. In the summer, people are fond of iced snacks which can make them cool. At the snack and fast food street, there are many retail booths. And most of them are food trailers, because it is convenient for retailers to open the businesses everywhere. And next, please learn about our one big snow cone truck

Food trailer

Big snow cone truck description

As we can see the picture, the snow cone truck is very big because its size has 550*200*230cm. And several staff can work inside and still feel wide and comfortable. And the whole snow cone truck color is yellow, which is so beautiful color and bright. The bright color can always catch people’s attention, which is like shining start. And the long snow cone trailer designs two big windows for selling. And the gaps between the window, there is some silver metal decoration. The metal can add some high grade style. At the food trailer middle, the double axle wheels support the whole big cart body. And there are several jacks offering stability power too.

big snow cone truck

Normally the front head has the ventilation window, and it can be arch or square shape. The external power supply also is the basic accessory at the front head. You can use it to connect the electricity. And the tow bar has 130cm long. It can hold the big black box or equipment can be well. The towing cover is very strong when you pull the food truck. What’s more, there is one connector at the bottom and its size is 2m.

Big snow cone truck 2

The another side of the big snow cone truck has two air vent of the kitchen range hood. This surface is very smooth and glossy. Although it is pure color, it is still beautiful. This is the beauty of simple style. Of course, if you want decoration for the catering trailer, all can be customized. And the rear of the back side, there are doors and tail lights system. The tail lights has the function of brake, turning, reverse and reflector. Then other people can see relevant warning on the road.

big snow cone truck 3

food trailer


The inside layout not only has the working benches, but also has many spaces for you. You can place every kind equipment, such as refrigerator, oven, cooking machine, range hood. And the working bench contains the water sink. The water sink has cold and hot taps and relevant water tanks system. Besides, you can store something inside the counters shelves.The food van wall installs several sockets and electric device. They are for machines use. And the ceiling has two long lamps for the big snow cone trailer. In this way, it can shine every corner and is good for your work. Floor is with some non-slip grain, which is safe.

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food van



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