Yellow Custom Food Cart Street Mobile Snack Trailer

Nowadays, people pay more attentions on their leisure life. On weekends or holidays, many places are very busy. And some places set the delicious food streets. Many people catch the chance to start their own small business. Many booths are carts which can be movable. It is very convenient for people to move the booths at any time to any places. The people can take the retail business as main job or sideline. We introduce you one custom food cart next.

Custom food cart description

The custom food cart is light yellow color, which looks so soft. The food cart is big with a long sales window. You can open the canopy up to start work. The canopy also can offer the shields for the booth. So the sunlight or rains can’t affect your business when making the foods. At the front counter, you can display the snacks or machines on it. There are the chains hanging one small bar counter too. When you close the booth, you can put canopy and bar counter away.

custom food cart

And the small arch shape door at the front end can be opened for ventilation. Its beside has the power supply for plug the sockets. In this way it can express the electricity for the equipment in food trailer. The single guide wheel is fixed at the tow bar. When you need to move to connect the car, it is helpful for turning.

custom food trailer

And one arch door at the rear is for you to enter or out from the cart body. We also install the reflective marks and tailing lights for you. So if you pull the cart on road, it can show relevant direction information for others. It is one device for safe. The wheels and jacks are at the chassis for supporting the snack truck. You can work in the trailer stably.

food truck

Detailed configuration

Here is more detailed introduction of every part of the custom food cart. And you will be more clear about them.



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