Yellow Custom Snack Trailer Mobile Fast Food Cart

You can find that the outdoor business is very busy because of many retailers, especially the night market. And every retailer has their booths at relevant place to sell all kinds of snacks and some products. People can get their needs of anything from the business street. Obviously, the food trailer is the most important tool for them. If you like one custom snack trailer, please follow us to learn about it.

Custom food trailer

Custom snack trailer description

This one snack trailer color is light yellow, which is very freshness. People like the bright colors which can shock their eyes. The structure of the custom snack trailer is the most basic type. But its surface and layout can be colorful. This one custom snack trailer is simple because its surface is pure color without decorations. You can choose simple style or colorful style of the surface. Normally, the front end of the snack truck all is with a window. The ventilation window can you feel more comfortable inside the snack truck. You can feel cool not stuffiness and bored. And the triangle tow bar has the connecting chain, guide wheel and brake system. You can move the food trailer to every corner you like. Besides, you can put some useful heavy device on the tow bar. The tow bar has relevant space and can hold heavy things.

custom snack trailerThe sales window has the supporting bar to hold it. So you can open or close flexibly. When you display the snacks on the front counter, people can smell them from far away. And people can also see how you make their foods. The big window can let you interact people closely. You can also see the surrounding environment and call some people to your food booth. Besides, the window internal part can also add some colorful light strips if you want.

custom food truck

The door size is the same as the internal channel. And the space is enough for 1-2 person to work inside comfortably. The door with the front window is arch and their height is at the same level, which looks nice. The door equips locks with keys for you to lock and protect it. Further more, the back end has standard turn lights. It is the most important and necessary configuration.

food truck back side

The wheels are single axle for such small food trailer, which looks more simple and elegant. What accompany it at chassis 4 corners are the lifting jacks. The bottom device with the chassis can make the whole food cart stable. You can park the custom snack trailer at part, beach , street, church or every popular and busy place. The food van is very functional no matter where or how you use.

custom snack truck

Internal layout

The stainless steel is thick and very practical. They won’t get rust and can’t be broken even you use dozens of years. Their bottom layout can have cabinets and open shelves. The stainless steel counters have the space for you to put the machines, food packing bags, food materials and other tools. Besides, normally, we make the water sink system in the counter together. And the wall has complete and safe electric device, such as the wires, sockets, cable box, switch etc.. They are safe for you when you use the machines. At light, the lamps at ceiling can be luminous. And the bottom floor is non-slip with water drain. You can clean the working areas easily when you are off working from the food van.

food trailer layout

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