Yellow Fried Food Kiosk Design Delicate Food Shipping Container Stall

The fried foods are always delicious and it smells good. They are popular in daily life by people. At the night busy market, there are so many retailers selling delicious foods at their booths. At the outdoor, the retail booths normally are the kiosks and carts types. These types are low cost for the retailers. You can have one beautiful fried food kiosk the same as following one which I introduce today.

Fried food kiosk description

You can fried all kinds of foods at this one fried food kiosk. The fired food kiosk style is very modern and colorful. First, its main color tone is bright yellow, and this kind color can catch people’s eyes very easily. Second, the kiosk type is the same as shipping container type and it is built into the small restaurant booth. Third is that the decorations on the kiosk. The kiosk facade has one wide sales window for you to sell fried foods. It has the relevant canopy to cover the sunshine and rains. At the window bottom, there is one slogan which can let people feel close. The edges are with the LED light strips and the snack kiosk interior can be bright and attractive at night.

Fried food kiosk

And the food concession stand left side has the area to show menu with colorful and rich information. When people come to the booth, they can go see the menus clearly and order the foods conveniently. What’s more, its top has the colorful signage. The white and purple logo is at the roof. And there two round signs which show different patterns at different directions. In this way, people can see the attractive signs. The whole decorations make the kiosk wonderful. The right side is the door design.

Interior design

The interior layout is also delicate and reasonable. At the sales window area, there are some attractive lamps decorations. Besides, there still are some light boxes of menus. When it is night, people can see light boxes menus. In addition, we set the shelves and counters in the kiosk for you. In this way, you can place the machines, tools or something. You have a wide working space. The ceiling still has the bright lamps for the whole food stand lighting.

Consumer area

You can place the dining tables and some chairs in front of the fried food kiosk. Then people can take their foods at the dining areas to eat and have a rest. You can also see the situations of consumers and serve them better.

Different material effect

For the same design series, we can use different materials to produce it for you. This one basic material is plywood which is different from metal. And its surface is aluminum plastic plates with other metal accessories. The real effect also looks delicate the same as the design.

outdoor kiosk

Please feel free to talk with us about your needs, ideas and questions. We are willing on to help you produce one perfect kiosk to meet your business.

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