Yellow Mobile Catering Cart Street Kitchen Truck For Sale

Nowadays, the business changes are more and more. Everyone can take the retail business as the main job or sideline. Most people who is good at making the fast foods and drinks, they just need one mobile catering cart to meet their flexible time. If you are interested in the trailers, please follow me to learn about one.

Mobile catering cart description

The main color of the mobile catering cart is yellow. The colors on the cart is eye-catching for people. Normally, the colors are optional, and you can choose one color or colors combination. The mobile catering cart has long and big sales window. And the window has the glass door. The big window is very convenient for you to sell foods and drinks. And the canopy is blue and white. You can open it or put it away according to the weather. What’s more, the logo pattern is at the window bottom. The booth contact information is at left bottom place. The double axles wheels at the food trailer middle and 4 diamond shape jacks at the 4 corners. We can see the beauty of the layout symmetry.

Mobile catering cart

The front end of the mobile catering cart has the small window. The window is for ventilation. There is the iron chain connecting the small window door. The logo pattern is also at the front end. In addition, the tow bar is necessary and basic device for the mobile function of the snack truck. The tow bar can hold the generator if you have or other equipment. The guild wheel is installed at the tow bar edge, which can turn the directions.

Mobile catering trailer

Interior layout

We set the working counters with sink along two sides in the catering kitchen trailer. You can put things into the counters cabinets. The basic devices also have wire with cable box, sockets, switch, lamp, and non slip flooring. Besides, we can offer you relevant fast food machines to match the layout. Or we will make the layout according to your own machine list.

Why choose the food trailer

  1. Cost-effective, durable, convenient and no-pollution
  2. High quality and practical material
  3. All can be customized

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