Yellow Mobile Coffee Van Beautiful Coffee Trailer Design

The outdoor fast food van has become a popular business trend for the retailers. If you sell coffee, the mobile coffee van is more flexible than the shop or fixed kiosk. Besides, it is very convenient for you to change the selling places. Do you have a crush? Let’s take a look on the durable coffee van?

Coffee van description

The outdoor coffee van is very beautiful and creative. It is because we design circular shape which is like fish. The color is yellow, but it can be any colors. Such shape and color is very bright to attract people’s eyes. The coffee van has many windows. These windows height is different, which shows level layering feeling. The window with a small bar table is the sales window, which is very easy to distinguish. Other windows are for ventilation and observing the environment.

coffee van

The entrance door is at the coffee van right side. You can lock it at night to keep the food trailer safe. The tail lights is essential at the van rear-end. It can be shining if someone use lights to shine on the coffee trailer. In this way, people can know it at their front side, especially when you pull it at night on road. Then the drivers can know to keep a safe distance.

coffee van 1

The tow bar is the key design. It needs to be very durable. It is because it will connect the car which is pulling the whole van body. What we made is high quality and it won’t be broken. For the classic, the coffee van bottom also has two durable wheels with high quality tires. 4 lifting jacks can support the van stably when it is at one place. It has a big bearing load capacity.

coffee van 2

Coffee layout

For the outdoor mobile coffee van, we equip it with relevant standard configuration for you. There are the high quality and durable working tables and they are stainless steel. About the counters, we will design relevant storage shelves or cabinets for you to put something. Big machines can be under the counter. You can make the fast food at the counter with your machines freely and comfortably. The sinks are in the stainless steel counter. We can equip it with cold and hot taps, 2-4 tanks and a pump. Further more, the electric box, sockets, connectors meet your standard. The inside floor is non-slip, which won’t let you fall down in case the floor is too wet. The floor also has the drain for you to clean. The lamps and spotlights normally are at the ceiling. Then your whole van every place can be bright. All is considerate for you.

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