Yellow Mobile Fast Food Trailer Customized Hamburger Food Truck

Some retailers like to have a trailer which can be movable for their free business. More and more food retailer appears on the street. Why the trailers are popular? It is because they are functional and also can be with a customized shape. They are colorful and cute to make the delicious food street more attractive. Further more, it is much low cost and flexible than a shop.

Surface of the food trailer

We can see the trailer color is bright yellow. And the food trailer is customized into a cute hamburger shape with 4 round curved corners. Besides, the creative hamburger and other food patterns are on the trailer which is so vivid.

food trailerThe trailer has one big sales window on one side. The supporting bar can can hold it up stably when you do the business. Besides, it can provide shades and prevent rains for the consumers when they are waiting for the food. The supporting bar can shorten or stretch, when you finish selling, you can close it. The door is at another side. There are two small windows at the trailer two ends which is ventilated and convenient for you to look around. In order to be safe, the trailer rear has the 3 different rear lamps colors for other people can see it at deep night. 4 big car wheels are at the trailer middle together. And back side has the jacks to keep more stable when you put it at one place.

custom trailerTwo big storage counters or other boxes can at the front head for your working. Two bars are strong and form a triangle which is easy for pulling by other trucks or cars.

Working area

The inside working part is with a good layout design. It has many spaces to make the working counters. And the place for putting the machines is reasonable. Some equipment is on the countertop and some is under the table. The countertop is very thick and durable. Besides, the countertop and floor is very easy for you to clean. Normally the floor drain is near the sink to facilitate of the drainage of the water. It still leaves enough space for the staff to act and walk. 2-3 staffs can work together in a trailer. The sockets in the trailer can meet your standards. Bigger space can be enough for more persons. The big lamps are at the ceiling and LED light strips at service window, it can be very bright at night and attract people to buy the food.



The material is stainless steel and won’t get rust forever. It is durable for many years. It fits the modern life style and very environmental without rubbish, noise and smoke. You can pull it to any places at any time to sell your food conveniently. It is like a movable shop with complete functions and equipment. It keeps out the wind and rain and you can use it all the seasons. The color, size, interior layout all can be customized.

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