Yellow Mobile Snow Cone Truck Unique Smoothie Snack Trailer

Snow cone is one of iced popular snacks. We always can find and buy it at the retail booths. If you are good at making snow cones, you can sell it at the streets. But for the street business, you need to have the fixed booth or mobile booth. If you want flexible time and places, the mobile snow cone cart is most suitable for your needs.

Mobile snow cone truck description

The snow cone truck structure is so special and looks cute. It is because its one end is curved round. The snow cone truck 3 sides design the sales windows. Whatever consumers are which side, they can buy snow cones from you. And the windows doors are foldable flexibly. From the end, there is also one table holding something for consumers. The roof with black eaves can bring many shades for the mobile snow cone truck. And to help keep of the rains too. At the top, there is one big lamp above the the front window. You can open lamp at night and continue to sell fast foods. On the food cart bottom, the tail lights are round shape and they are at the slanted place. It looks much more novel than normal standards.

mobile snow cone truck

The another end of the snack trailer is flat. And door is designed at this front head. You can go straight into the snow cone trailer. And you can use the keys to lock the door safely. And at this part, it has the tow bar for mobile when you need to move to different places. The traction system also includes guide wheel and thick and high quality metal chain. The wheels are with durable tires and the axle is double under the snow cone cart body. The wheels are very helpful for moving far away distance.

mobile snow cone truck 2

mobile snow cone truck 3

Internal design

The snow cone catering trailer inside part is so delicate. The lamp and one range hood is installed at the ceiling. The following are counters around the 3 sides. You can put relevant machines on countertop. On the ceiling, the electricity has good treatment with safe cable box and switch. When you stand in the food truck, you can work on 3 sides counters so conveniently and flexibly.


The color on the mobile snow cone truck is bright yellow. And it is so beautiful. Any one color you like we can customize on the surface for you.

food trailer


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