Yellow Outdoor Juice Stand Street Lemon Honey Kiosk

In some tropical regions, the day is always very hot. And the almost every one like the cold drinks to make themselves cool and happy. You can sell juices, bubble teas, smoothies, honeys, yogurts etc.. The outdoor booths are popular all the time especially at some busy locations, such as travelling places, food streets. And you can own one unique style drinks booth. Next, let’s learn about one outdoor juice stand together.

Outdoor juice stand description

The outdoor juice stand is very delicate for such tiny size 1.6*1.9m. The juice stand business is mainly to offer lemon and honey these drinks. And main color tone is the yellow which is according to the brand concept color. For the facade decoration, there are 3D creative luminous signs and shop signs. Besides, the menu light box is at the top and contact information with honey pattern at the window bottom. The lighting signs can make people notice the booth easily. And consumers can order drinks and contact you from the light boxes conveniently. And the sales window has the yellow roller shutter door for safety because the drink snack kiosk is placed at outdoor. The juice stand has 4 short feet which is easy to be lifted by forklift when you want to move.

Outdoor juice stand

The design highlight is that the sides are decorated with punching steel pattern. On both sides, the shape of dripping honey with hidden LED lights these decorations increase the prominence. And the juice snack stall left side has the window design. It adds perspective so that people in the kiosk are not uncomfortable and can be seen by customers. The right side has the door with handle and the handle offers you the convenience when you pull it.

Outdoor juice stand

outdoor snack kiosk

Interior layout

The interior decoration and layout is also one important design part. We not only consider the beauty of decoration but also think about the layout for your work convenience. The food booth wall is with white paint and it looks clean and bright. The wall has two L shape shelves for you to put machines and something you will use. Under the shelves, it is the area for placing refrigerator and counter with sink. And we also place the counter at the front side then you can also put something. What’s more, we also set the lamps at the ceiling and several spotlights at the top of the sales window.

Design & production effect

The production effects are the same as the design we made for you. You can get your own one brand style booth.

Outdoor juice stand

outdoor food kiosk


The whole structure is metal material which is very high quality. And the inside counter countertop is man-made stone which looks high-end and you can clean easily. The L shape shelves are plywood with laminate, which is water-proof.

outdoor food stall

food concession stand


3D design is the most basic step before production. People has different requirements of the kiosks. And the design has to match your business and brand concepts. Our professional design team can create 3D design for you. After you confirm the design, we can produce the kiosk according to 3D design. Normally, design costs 300USD about, 2-4 working days. Kiosk price depends on final design for you. And production time is about 25-28 working days.

outdoor snack stall

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