Yellow Portable Hot Dog Cart Mobile Snack Juice Trolley

Hot dog is delicious and most people like it especially the children. Most retailers sell hot dog foods at the parks, streets, school gate, amusement park etc..You just need one portable hot dog cart, then you can sell hot dogs directly. But the cart should be with your own style to attract consumers, and should be functional. We can customize the cart.

Portable hot dog cart description

Look at the hot dog cart, its main color is yellow which is bright-colored. The canopy is with yellow and red color combination. It can cover the sunlight and rains. There are two metal pillars holding the top. The cart body has a good decoration to show the hot dog and snacks attractive patterns and name. In this way, people can see your booth from a far distance.

Portable hot dog cart

In addition, the portable hot dog cart has two big bicycle wheels at the cart one end, and one small universal wheel is at the cart bottom. The universal wheel is helpful on moving the directions. You can move the cart to the places flexibly. What’s more, there is one metal handle on the one end, which is convenient for you to push. Under the handle, there is one storage box with lock. You can store something. Besides, we set two small bar counter for putting something too.

hot dog cart

snack cart

The hot dog cart countertop is stainless steel type, which is durable and can’t get rust. On the hot dog cart, you not only just can sell hot dogs, you can also sell other snacks and beverages. You just need to put relevant machines on the countertop. The cart comes with 3 topping for different tastes. There is one juice machine on the cart too. And one freezer is under the countertop. When people buy hot dogs and snacks, they can buy juices together. The back part is the storage area of the cart.

mobile food cart



Material: Metal

Surface treatment: Paints, stickers

Hardware accessories: Handle, wheels, locks & keys

Production time: 25-28 working days

Shipping time: 25-30 days by sea

Packaging: EPE inner layer + Bubble film + corner protection + wooden carton

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