Yellow Small Food Truck Mobile Snacks Trailer For Sale

With the development of life become better and better, people’s life is more colorful. As we all know, Wherever people are, they need to eat food at relevant time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most people focus on making various small foods and start the business outdoor. Outdoor fulls with different people day and night, thus the retailers can have a good business. The creative small food truck is functional for you to have outdoor business.

Small food truck description

This one small food truck shape is cuboid not arch shape. The cuboid can have more spaces. The main color of the food truck is yellow, which is bright in people’s eyes. The structure edges has good deal. Such frame includes the yellow parts which looks very nice, high quality and high grade. It is silver aluminum alloy material and the corner is curve not sharp. In this way, it avoid some accident scratch or bump hurt from children or some people. The big window is the main selling area and you can meet people well. Under the window, there are two small glass frame, and people can see the fresh food materials you use. The following is the single axle wheels at the cart middle. And you can move the food trailer to the busy places freely and flexibly.

small food truck

The front part also has a middle big window. It is for you to feel cool and have fresh air in the hot days. Beside the window, the food trailer has the external power supply. And we can also see that a big black device is on the tow bar. Obviously, the tow bar is very solid and can hold big and heavy devices or other things. This tow bow area is also useful for you to use its space. And the tow bar is the important role, which let you connect the car to move the location. So it has relevant brake system.

small food truck 2

The back side has the door. The door can make the food van security. And you can rest assured to protect the inside equipment, because it is with the durable lock. What’s more, it has the standard cornering lamps at door two sides. At the chassis bottom, the jacks can help you support the food truck body more stably. When you need to move, the jacks can be put away.

small food truck 3

At the another side of the cart, it has the smoke vent of the smoke exhaust ventilator. The small food truck is environmental friendly and without pollution type. It is very suitable for the city environment standard.

Inner layout

We can make complete the kitchen machines based on your needs. Look at these, the smoke exhaust ventilator is installed at ceiling stably. When you cook the foods, the machine can help you take the smokes away. And the stainless steel water sinks can be three pools for you to use. It equips taps and tanks. And you can work on the  counters in the cart two sides. The counter can also have the cashier drawers for you. And the drawer is with safe lock.

Different colors

The small food trailer can be with different colors, such as green, blue, red, orange, black etc.. And it can be also with some beautiful decorations. We can help you make design and customize the fantastic style.

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