10ft By 10ft Ice Cream Kiosk Smoothie Booth in the Mall

mall ice cream kiosk

Ice cream and frozen food appeal to poeple so much, because it gives us a cool feeling and sweet taste. For starters, it’s a good option to start a business with an ice cream kiosk. When expanding your business, you can increase frozen yogurt, smoothie, milkshake, and even bubble tea, to increase sales. No matter how unique an ice cream kiosk is, you can get it from our website. Here is a nice ice cream kiosk for you.

smothie kiosk

Description of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft, main color is pink, blue, and white color, creating a cool and vibrant feeling. At a diagonal position, there is a stand with eaves to surround the machine, which not only makes the kiosk look beautiful but also keeps customers away from the machine.

ice cream stand

Layout information

There is a cashier counter in the front since the business name and logo are placed on the counter body backlit. Topping counter set at the side with clear tempted glass as sneeze guard, it has a wave shape at the top, looks attractive.

While another side has space for machines, a working counter, and a water wink near the entrance door. The same wavy glass partition forms symmetry on the countertop and the countertop on the other side. The frosted glass prevents the workbench from being exposed to the public.

ice cream kiosk

There is acrylic in blue color under the countertop, it with LED inside, creates a fantastic effect, very attractive and vividly. It’s also a nice idea to add flooring light, that high level the shop theme and makes your ice cream booth outstanding.

Material information

Basic material: MDF or plywood

Surface material: Baking paint with glossy finishing effect.

Logo material: a 3D luminous acrylic logo with lit.

Other materials: Stainless steel, tempted glass, hardware, acrylic