10ft by 8ft Fresh Juice Kiosk in Mall Use in the USA

juice cabinets

Are you looking for a juice kiosk used in the shopping mall? The fresh juice kiosk is good to sell fruit, beverage, orange juice, coffee, and even bubble tea.  Here is a nice juice kiosk sharing with you. No matter what you use in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe, this juice kiosk fits you well.

juice kiosk

Description of fresh beverage kiosk

Size: 10ft by 8ft

Color: Wooden green and white

Materials: Plywood with wooden panel, green grass, acrylic, white stone, lighting, stainless steel, etc.

Usage: In the shopping mall, food court, restaurant, and even scenic spot.

This juice kiosk main use wood to decorate the counter body, which expresses a feeling of fresh and natural products to clients. Green grass on the 4 corners that high level the food shop and makes your booth outstanding.

juice booth

Layout information

We can see the front counter has a cashier counter and a long topping bar counter with a front logo near it. There is a large square column separating the display area from the working counter. A juice machine, blender, and cups can place on these counters for better usage. Poeple can also pick up juice there to increase work efficiency.

juice cabinet

We can see the back counter has large machines standing there, we should leave enough space when production. That’s to make sure to make good use of the location. 3 compartment sink is also set on the back side for wash hands and keeping the juice kiosk clean. However, don’t forget to leave room for the entrance door in the middle area. so other people won’t enter the workspace.

More information

This beverage kiosk is customized based on the client’s requirements. We can make it according to your ideas and fit your business. No matter when you plan to start, just contact us now and get more good beverage kiosk design solutions. Thank you