12ft by 10ft Egg Tart Kiosk Bakery Counter in the Mall

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Have you bought egg tarts in a bread shop? Egg tarts are popular among poeple, so it’s a good idea to open a sweet food kiosk in the shopping mall to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice egg tart kiosk with you. Hoping it will give you more good ideas.

egg tart cabinet

Description of bread kiosk

Size is 10ft by 12ft, it is good to use in the shopping center, supermarket, food court, bread, and bakery shop. It is a complete food booth that you can use to start your business. The main tone is glossy white, creating a pure and attractive effect on the kiosk. There are counters for work and space for necessary machines.

bakery kiosk

Details information

We can see the cashier counter near the entrance door behind the tall tower for the brand logos and posters. Behind the counter has a water sink to keep the food kiosk clean. There is tempered glass on the countertop, with a metal tube holder for the glass panel. So the glass wall can be moved out if needed.

fast food booth

Lightbox painting

The light box painting is important for a food business. Because you can express the brand theme, menu, and products to clients in a fast way. Adding them in a suitable is very important, such as the front counter, near the entrance, etc. Besides, you can also add a luminously hollow-out logo to the food kiosk, it can high-level your shop and makes your food booth outstanding.

food cabinet

Product photos show

We can see the real effect of the food kiosks from the product photos shown. For the material effect, surface looks and counter layout, etc. It will also guide you to assemble the kiosk when you receive the goods. If you need any further information, contact us now. Thank you.

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