12ft By 10ft Roll Ice Cream Kiosk to South Africa

ice cream shop design

What do you think to open an ice cream kiosk to earn money? Roll ice cream and fried yogurt are become popular because of their special taste and attractive looks. Today, I want to share a nice ice cream kiosk with you. It is used in the South Africa mall and is based on the owner’s ideas. Let’s view more details together.

ice cream kiosk

Introduction of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk mainly uses white, green, and pink colors, which creates a high-end feeling and looks very attractive in the shopping mall. It has a working counter, space for ice cream machines, storage cabinets, a water sink, and a sofa. No matter how unique an ice cream kiosk you want, we can help you achieve the goal.

roll up kiosk

The layout of food kiosk

We can see the front side has 2 double ice cream machines. Between them is a topping counter behind the brand logo stand, that is convenient for usage. Clients can also choose yummy ice creams on the menu.

ice cream booth

While the back side has space for a beverage machine at the corner. The cashier counter is close to it. Between the cashier counter and water, the sink is an ice cream machine. The sofa occupies one side, allowing more poeple to sit down and enjoy ice cream with their friends.

ice cream showcase

Ice cream kiosk decoration

There are different levels of the logo stand inserting the wall. TV player, advertising posters, menu are set here to make poeple notice you. We can also set the brand logo in circle style with backlit. Flooring light at the kicking to increase the brightness and makes your ice cream booth outstanding. Glass panel set on the wall panel as sneeze guard, that is convenient for clients to view the process. If you need further information, contact us here now!