15ft by 10ft bubble tea booth with smoothie bar counter used in mall

Bubble tea started in Taiwan, China. Now it has already become one of the most popular drinks in the world. There have many different kinds of bubble tea for people to choose from.  Same as coffee, bubble tea’s profit is also very high. If you are still thinking a what kind of business, can try to open a small bubble tea kiosk in the mall.

bubble tea kiosk

This is a functional bubble tea booth we just finished sharing with you. This bubble tea kiosk used natural wood color matched glossy white. The wood look area used is natural solid wood stripes. The countertop used is white stone. the Salad bar is put next to the cash counter, and after people ordered can pay at the cash counter. The left and right side corners have a menu light box. People can see the price list here. There are work counters inside the kiosk for stuff to work and cook. There has a stainless steel rack installed on the back side counter, it is used to put bubble tea buckets. On the outside of the right counter, there has a bar table attached to it. people can sit here to have food and drinks after ordering.

mall tea kiosk

More info about this bubble tea kiosk

mall coffee counter

size: 15ft by 10ft

Color: white and natural wood color

Materials used: MDF woof with white paint, solid wood stripes, white stone for countertop

Accessories included: 3D illuminated logos, white led light strip, stainless steel sinks, light boxes

Production time: 25-28 work days after order confirmed

Usage: this bubble tea booth can be used to sell bubble tea, smoothie, coffee etc

mall juice bar counter

How to start your own bubble tea kiosk in the mall?

1. You need to find a good location

2. You need to customize your own kiosk

3. order the equipment you need

The machines used to open a bubble tea kiosk include an ice maker, refrigerator, freezer, blender, sealing machine, fructose machine, etc.

If you also need a bubble tea kiosk or food kiosk, just feel free to contact us for more details.