15ft by 10ft White and Wooden Bubble Tea Kiosk to the USA

bubble tea counter

How do you think to open a bubble tea kiosk in the shopping mall? With the fast development of lifestyle, people like to drink bubble tea in their spare time. It’s a profitable option to start with a bubble tea booth. Here is create a high-end beverage kiosk to share with you. I am sure it will create a high-end bubble tea shop feeling.

bubble tea kiosk

Description of bubble tea kiosk

This bubble tea kiosk size is 15ft by 10ft, the main color is white with wooden grain decoration. We can see here is the cashier counter in the middle of the counter, poeple can order bubble tea here. There is a tall menu plate in one corner, business logo can also add to the top.

bubble tea counter

There are 3-compartment sinks set on the backside. Bubble tea buckets place on the countertop for sale. The freezer and refrigerator is in a suitable area. We should also add drawers and cabinets for storage.

bubble tea shop

Wall decoration

We can see lightbox posters and business logos surrounding the bubble tea kiosk. You can make posters of popular milk tea types to guide customers to buy. People can understand your business and remember your shop theme. It can also use as a coffee kiosk to earn more money.

bubble tea cabinet

Material details

Plywood is the basic material of the juice kiosk body. And the surface material is white lamination and wooden strip decoration. create a clear and natural store atmosphere, and the matching looks very simple and high-end. Stone countertop to protect the bubble tea booth. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, the acrylic logo with LED, lightbox, etc.

bubble tea cabinet

Real bubble tea kiosk effect

The bubble tea kiosk is installed in the shopping center. We can see the real effect from the feedback photos. Our client likes it very much because the kiosk is following their requirments. No matter how unique a bubble tea kiosk you want, we can meet your demands.

bubble tea booth design