16ft by 18ft Roll Ice Cream Kiosk to the USA

ice cream kiosk

Roll ice cream kiosk is popular among people, especially in hot summer. Whenever you plan to open a food kiosk in the mall. I am sure you will have a great business. Because people like to eat ice cream as sweet after dinner party. Today, I’d love to share a nice roll ice cream kiosk in the mall. It’s designed for clients from Paxton, USA.

roll ice cream booth

Roll ice cream kiosk design

This ice cream kiosk size is 18ft by 16ft, a large space in the shopping center. This mall kiosk is mainly used to sell ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sweet food shop, etc. View more frozen yogurt kiosk designs. It includes 3 raws of counters in total, you can place machines, and storage counters in the proper area to show the effects.

ice cream cabinets

The layout of the ice cream kiosk

Front view

We can see on the front side, that it has 4 machines to make fried yogurt and roll ice creams. It has a wall with glass panel protection, so people won’t get reach the food. A water sink is set near it to keep the food kiosk clean. Cashier register is set behind the wall

food showcase

Side view

Both sides have a working counter for work, we can add the brand logo and lightbox posters on the walls. Under the counter has storage cabinets with lock doors. Materials include the tile, brown wood bar decoration, artificial stone countertop, acrylic logo, light lamp, etc.

Back Counter

The back side has display counters and space for machines. There is a frame at the top to attach the acrylic logo. Lightbox posters can also add to the kiosk for advertising.

If you have a design to start, just let me know. We can make it based on your needs. Contact us now and get more beautiful mall food kiosk designs.