2.5m by 2.5m Fast Food Kiosk Fritter Cabinet Design to America

food booth design

Breakfast is the most important meal in one day. There are many different styles of breakfast to choose from, like a fritter, coffee, bakery, bread, eggs, milk, etc. It’s a good option to open a fast food kiosk in the mall to sell fritter. I am sure you will gain a lot of customers. Because fritter smells good and has a great effect. Today, I want to share a popular food stall design with you.

fast food kiosk

Fritter kiosk in the USA

Before opening a food kiosk, it’s very important to rent a location for business. This food kiosk size is 2.5m*2.5m, which fits your business well. Because you can set freezer machine, Fry Pan, refrigerator in a suitable location. The main tone is a wooden panel with artificial grass decoration, creating a natural and high-end effect.

food booth design

Woking Counter

The front counter view as a service counter, there is a cashier counter, and poeple can order food directly. There is a frozen yogurt machine near it. While the right-hand counter has a water sink. It has raised frosted glass blocking the machine to prevent guests from approaching the equipment to prevent scalding accidents. Machines are set on the bottom of the left-hand side. The back side has a counter entrance door.

wooden mall kiosk

Surface decoration

We can see there are panels on the front counter, we can add light to increase the shop level. Business logo with luminous to makes people remember you well. Most mall kiosks add a tall brand stand for advertising. So, we can also attach a menu, posters, and even a logo here to leave a deep impression and attracts people.

Material details:

Basic material includes Plywood. Surface materials like wooden veneer, grass, or lamination. We can also use tile to get a good effect. Other materials include tempered glass, stainless steel, hardware, lighting, etc.

If you have any needs about food kiosks for business, contact us now to get the perfect food booth solution.