3m Bubble Tea Kiosk With Cup Model to the USA

bubble tea stand

Do you like a nice bubble tea kiosk to earn money? No matter whether you plan to open a bubble tea shop or in the shopping mall, this bubble tea counter helps you a lot. It’s good to use as a service counter, shop front desk, and even decoration table to enhance the brand theme. Let’s view more details together.

bubble tea kiosk

Introduction of bubble tea counter

Size: 3m width, 0.6m depth, and a totally of 1.2m tall

Color: Purple and black, creates a magnetic and creative shop theme

Material: MDF with high glossy baking paint, acrylic logo, and stainless steel kicking

Advantages: It can be used as a cashier desk, a service desk, and a welcome desk in a milk tea shop. It is suitable for use in small spaces, and merchants can also expand their business to acquire customers.

milk tea shop design

Behind has lock cabinets and drawers for work. It’s mainly in black with a glossy surface effect, high level your shop theme. The countertop has white stone to protect food kisok and for better usage.

bubble tea cabinet


This bubble tea kiosk has two large tea cup models on both sides. It has a round spot on the surface, looking like The irregular arrangement looks like pearls in milk tea. And the business logo on top is reminiscent of a cup of milk tea that consumers would get.

bubble tea booth

Brand logo

We can see there is the brand logo on the counter body with a hollow-out luminous effect. The white and yellow color on the black background attracts people’s attention and makes your food shop outstanding.


LED light lamp set at the kicking as floor light, that poeple can see you from far ways. Lighting can also enhance the atmosphere of your unique bubble tea kiosk store, giving people a feeling of enjoying warm service.