3m By 2.6m Popular Frozen Yogurt Kiosk to Romania

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Frozen yogurt is popular among people, because it has multiple tastes and gives poeple a cool feeling. Opening a frozen yogurt in the shopping mall is a profitable idea. No matter when you plan to start, I am sure you will gain lots of customers. Here is a nice frozen yogurt kiosk sharing with you.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Introduction of frozen yogurt kiosk

This frozen yogurt kiosk size is 3m by 2.6m, good to start a business. Because it has a working counter, display showcase area, brand imagine wall, and storage cabinets. You can arrange them in a suitable location for better usage and improve efficiency.

ice cream kiosk

Frozen yogurt decoration

The main tone of the ice cream kiosk is white with pink decoration. There is a round bulb with colorful LEDs that makes the frozen yogurt kiosk attractive and outstanding. We can see in the design, that there are L shapes of light box paintings near the door. POS systems hide here for safety considerations. While another corner has a big ice cream model, that looks vivid and expresses your shop theme well.

ice cream booth

Counter of frozen yogurt kiosk

The front counter has a topping bar with glass cabinets, it separates consumers from food to keep food clean. While the side counter has a bubble tea bucket, a blender, and a milkshake machine can also be set here. While the back side has a water sink on the left side and the right side has a frozen yogurt machine. The middle is large beverage equipment to increase sales.

frozen yogurt showcase

Produce photos

This food kiosk looks very lovely when it’s completed. No matter when you plan to open a bubble tea kiosk, or coffee kiosk. Just contact us! We can make food booth design according to your needs.

ice cream booth