3m By 3m Cupcake Kiosk Sweet Food Booth in the USA

sweet food kiosk

The cupcake kiosk and sweet food kiosk are important for the shopping center. Today, I want to share a nice cupcake kiosk sharing with you. This cake kiosk is good to share frozen yogurt, ice cream, sweet food, and even beverages. Let’s view more details together.

cupcake kiosk

Description of mall food kiosk

The size is 3m y 2m, and fit most of the standard location in the shopping mall. White is the main color with black decoration, making your food shop looks better. Materials include a white stone countertop and stone body decoration, they form the uniform style of the food kiosk. Other materials include stainless steel, tempered glass, light box painting, etc. We will help you choose suitable materials to highlight the shop theme.

Chimney Roll Cake kiosk

Layout information

The front counter of the frozen yogurt kiosk has a cashier register in the middle with brand signage on the body. On the right side, the counter has a water sink with tempered glass surrounding it. It can prevent water from splashing. Blender and frozen yogurt machines are set near it for better usage. Freezer set under the counter to increase working efficiency and won’t occupy much space.

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While another corner has a 3 compartment sink to use it is set near the entrance door. We can also set the light box painting for advertising. We can also add flooring light to attract eye attention and gain more clients. No matter how unique and special sweet food kiosk you require. You can find it on our website. We have an excellent design team to do 3D design for you

How to assemble the food kiosk?

For the customized unique cupcake kiosk, most poeple worry about installation work. However, for most of our clients, it’s very easy to complete. Because all the counters are produced individually in our work and pack well buy wooden boxes. When you receive the cabinets, put them together and connect wires between them. If you have any doubts, just contact us, our sales team will help you well.