3m by 4m Candy Kiosk Sweet Food Booth to the UK

candy kiosk

Candy kiosks and sweet food kiosks are popular in the shopping mall. Because candy provides us energy in daily life, both teenagers and adults like candy because of its sweet taste and colorful looks. Below is an attractive sweet food kiosk, it’s made for a UK customer. No matter how unique a candy kiosk you require, we can help you customize it.

candy kiosk

Introduction of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk size is 4m by 3m. The Mall food stall includes multiple layers of shelving, a display counter with a glass plate, storage cabinets, a brand logo wall, and lollipop decorations. Black and red is the main color of the sweet food kiosk, you can choose a high glossy or matte surface.

lollipop kiosk

Layout information

The chocolate kiosk has double counters for usage and makes full use of the space. We can see there are stairs display counter outside for storage candies and snacks with plates. However, the bottom of the front has glass cabinets to place more items. Inside has an individual counter to check bills. While we can see there are counters with water sinks that fit the curved display shelving cabinet, that is convenient for both clients’ and employees’ usage. Lollipop decoration stands here to attract people.

sweet candy showcase

Produce photos show

You can see what it looks like after installation. Each shelving has a light lamp to highlight the candies and makes your candy shop outstanding. There is space between the logo stand and display showcase counter, which is for placing the beverage machines. Cabinets have wheels at the bottom, that is easy to move and enter into the dessert kiosk.

candy booth design mall food kiosk candy shop counter

No matter when need sweet candy kiosk, you can get a perfect design solution on our website. View more candy kiosks here