3m Diameter Teapot Shaped Tea Booth Green Tea Kiosk for Sale

tea cup kiosk

Green tea kiosk is very popular among poeple, it’s a profitable idea to open a green tea kiosk in the shopping mall. Today, I want to share an attractive tea kiosk sharing with you. It looks like a teapot that reminds people of your business and shop theme. Let’s view more details below.

tea kiosk

Green tea kiosk design

This tea kiosk’s diameter is 3m, and the counter body serves as the container of the teapot. Where the merchant provides tea service and cashier. Besides, the teapot spout and handle are on the extension line of the diameter, which makes the teapot look more three-dimensional and more vivid. they are mainly used for decoration. The main color of the teapot is red with a glossy effect.

tea kiosk

The layout of the green tea kiosk

Cashier counter and pick-up area in the diagonal position, people can order and take meals from fixed positions, helping to improve work efficiency. Pick up area has a plate also used as an entrance door to make full use of space. Besides, kettles and machines are placed on the countertop. And the water sink put on another side for usage. Under the counter has open shelving for place items. There is frosted glass surrounding the countertop, so clients can’t see working from outside.

green tea counter


There is a roof on the top with a teapot-shaped handle for support, looks like the teapot lid. Which blends in with the design, and looks very unique. When install in the shopping center, the lights can make the working area brilliant.

If you want a unique and special tea kiosk and bubble tea kiosk in the mall. Contact us here and get more design solutions.