4m By 2m Fast Food Kiosk Retail Burger Booth in the UK

fast food kiosk

Fast food kiosk is seen in our daily life, it shows all kinds of delicious food in a fast way. It’s never too late to open a fast food kiosk in the mall because food provides us energy and makes us better to work. Here is an attractive food kiosk sharing with you. It’s designed for a UK customer.

fast food shop in mall

Description of food kiosk

This food kiosk size is 4m by 3m, the counters include a display showcase, working the counter, storage cabinets, etc. Don’t forget to reserve enough space for the necessary equipment. The main color is red and white, making poeple notice your food shop for the first time. You can use it as a waffle kiosk, sushi kiosk, etc.

food booth

Front view

We can see there are two large machines in the front, it displays food for clients to purchase. There is a wall with stickers on the surface, that match the shop theme. An individual panel stands at the end, and your brand logo and posters are set here for advertising.

Side view

It has a cashier counter with a brand logo on the food kiosk body. It’s good for poeple to pay cash, and another side also has a register in the middle, ready food display on the counter body, allowing poeple to buy and take them away immediately.

mall food shop

Back view

We can see there are working counters on the back side. Wall is over the counter height so that poeple won’t get access to the machines. Water sink and fry pan place here for better work. While the top has a frame to support the TV player. Besides, there are posters on the outer wall, that makes poeple notice you and delicious food pattern attracts poeple.

No matter what kind of food kiosk you need, we can help you customize made it and make it attractive. Contact us now and view more mall kiosk designs.