5m By 2m Juice Kiosk Beverage Showcase Cabinet for Sale

beverage counter

Fresh juice kiosk is popular among people because it viewed as healthy food. Juice can also drive away thirst and give us a cool feeling, especially in the hot summer. If you plan to open a beverage kiosk in the shopping mall, congratulations, you are on the right side. Here is a nice juice kiosk sharing with you. I am sure it will bring you great business.

fresh food kiosk

Description of juice kiosk

This juice kiosk needs a location of 5m by 3m, including a display showcase area, storage showcase counter, brand logo wall, storage cabinet, etc. The main color of the mall kiosk is black with light green color surrounding it to create a natural atmosphere. We can also use solid wood to make the surface to remind people to buy clean and healthier food from your shop. You can also use it as a coffee kiosk

Counter of juice kiosk

We can see another cashier counter in the middle area with a display showcase on two sides. That is good to show more items. There is a brand logo panel separating the display area from the working area. Employees can work here, machines can be set on the countertop for better usage. There is a wall panel surrounding the lease line so that clients won’t see inside equipment from outside. Under the counter has lock cabinets for storage. Water sink along with water system set here to keep the bubble tea kiosk clean.

juice kiosk

We can see there is a tile attached to the inside kiosk, which high level the shop theme and makes it looks better. The countertop uses artificial stone to protect the counter. It is waterproof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and it is very convenient to use is waterproof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and it is very convenient to use. If you have any new ideas about juice kiosk design, just contact us. We can customize it for you.