Attractive Coffee Kiosk Mall Food Booth in France

coffee kiosk

Do you like to drink coffee? It’s a profitable option to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping mall. Our coffee kiosk is very popular among people because of its beautiful design and stable structure. No matter which country you come from, you can get the perfect coffee kiosk from us. And we will use the wires and sockets that fit your country. Here is a nice food kiosk to share sharing with you.

coffee counter

Description of a coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk size is 6m by 3m, designed for a client from France. The main tone of the coffee stall is red, and white with wooden decoration, looks high-end and attractive. Materials include MDF with high glossy baking paint, stone surface, wooden veneer, tempered glass, and stainless steel kicking. Cupcake kiosk design

coffee shop design

Details information

Clients order meals on the front side, it also has multiple shelving glass cabinets on the countertop. The middle area has a machine with topping to keep the food fresh and cold. The front is decorated in red, which looks very beautiful.

Near the cashier counter is a long dining table with chairs. It has a streamlined shape, and it looks very beautiful with its curvature. The light strip under the stage is very helpful to attract the attention of customers. View more beverage kiosks here

coffee cabinet

The back counter is for work with equipment on the countertop. There is a clear glass panel on the table that allows poeple to view the food booth. The wooden cover is to make the tall beverage not be seen, we can also add a logo to show to the public.

No matter how unique of mall food booth you want, pls contact us soon. We can customize it for you.